Welcome to Inazugay: Please Enjoy Your Shota Stay—The Powerpoint

If you haven’t watched inazuma eleven yet I highly suggest you do I know its a pretty old fandom by now but its so worth it

I am also really mad that tumblr has a photoset limit im cry

oats out

this is a very important thing i made please show thsi to everyone you know

i really need to start posting substantial art on here and not just doodles

long time no post but you should see my gouen folder

Oh man I dunno don’t ask me

I stay up till 2 AM and scour lookbook for good outfits to draw characters in

that’s literally all I do with my life

(((kidou’s black or i fight you)))

cheetotters sent: welcome to sakka!!! I hope u have an enjoyable stay

gosh you guys are adorable

jeanpolnareff sent: Wow I really love your art!!! I've been a fan of your art for a while and I'm super happy you like inazuma ;; Gouen looks so cute in your style

ahhhh thank you so much!!!!